What you Could be Doing

A short list of products Boxpac has made to give you an example of what you could do too

Open Engine Box-Ford Rocam Project

Using #1 for the inner cradle and pallet and #2 for the half-slotted container


Safari Project

Die Cut box out of coloured board with Vinyl Cut lettering for low volume.


Closed Engine Box Project

Outer made with #2 and the inner sleeve with #3 and hang gluer.

Made out of the heaviest DWB, this box (made for Ford) was labour intensive, but totally removed all wood from the supply chain.


Du Toit's Kloof Picnic Boxes

Cut on #1.

The initial boxes were die-cut and had vinyl stickers for a trial run. Because the run was successful, we got board Silk Screened and Die Cut 500.


Sample Cutter

'Een-Tand' (One Tooth)

Used to make samples and one-off boxes. Is a mini version of #2.


Green Cross Project

Die Cut shoe boxes with #1.

This is corrugated box making at a new level! Litholaminated boxes are not the easiest to make money, but with a decent printer, a mounter attachment on your #1, and finally die cutting, you can supply product with a massive perceived value!