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Nucleo supports the core of an athlete

Nothing beats exercise. 
For boosting health.
Especially when you are 40 plus.
Doc Anton always says:
20 to 30 min increased heart rate per day
(building up a sweat)
prevents at least 50% of heart diseases.
energy drinks/protein shakes with sugar
or with a high Glycemic Index (GI),
destroys any positive impact on your health.
That is why he formulated Nucleo without any sugar. Or high GI components. And why we did extreme 8 to 16 hour adventure racing using only Nucleo.
In fact few people knows:


Hidden Truth on Aminos

I rarely compare food labels.

Generally, I sample a new food/drink by tasting it.

Occasionally taste becomes less important, if I see the health benefits.

Most people do the same.


Allow me to unpack some "hidden truths" about Nucleo and its label. Few people are aware of this:

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