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Seven tips for you to sleep better

Blissful uninterrupted sleep...
Nothing rejuvenates like a deep sleep...
Nothing heals the body like long continuous sleep...
The top 3 sleep disrupters:
1 - Bright and Blue light from phone/tv/computer screens after sunset.  Staring into a fire after sunset boosts your melatonin (sleep hormone).  Screens prevents melatonin production. 
So chill around the fire after sunset. Or get some blue light blocking glasses if you have to look into a screen before bed.
2 - Caffeine increase alertness and impairs quality of sleep. Don't take caffeine after sunset. 
3 - Alcohol might relax you, but studies clearly show it results in disruptive sleep disorders. Try to avoid alcohol, at least after dinner.


Family Natural "Medicine" Chest


I hate standing in queues.
For anything. Especially if I bring my money to purchase something.
Makes me feel like a sheep in the kraal.
So that is why you won't ever queue for Nucleo!
Why we will serve you as I would like to be served.

Why we created the Nucleo Superfood App where you can order Nucleo, receive your invoice and make your EFT payment via your banking App, all within 60 seconds. Then we have all your detail in one place and can courier your order seamlessly without delay. And let the admin take care of itself.

 So that I can focus on my extraordinary passion:

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